Since this page will also be visited by many of our indonesian relatives and friends, as I hope,
I will keep this page in the English language.
Ciawi, our 1. & Cibogo, our 4. stage Salatiga, our 2. stage Bali, our 3. stage What was going on in Jakarta What was going on in Yogyakarta
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Our family in Indonesia
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This is an INTERACTIVE MAP! You can click on the cities, we've been to, to view some photos!

Our trip through Indonesia!

Sunday, 1st of August 2004, 15:35: Düsseldorf. We were ready for takeoff. Then the well equipped Airbus A330 of the Emirates airline landed in Dubai after 6 hours flight. The next plane, a Boeing 777, started 3 hours later and took us to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after a 10 hours flight and then to our final destination, Jakarta airport. It was Monday, 2nd August in the evening.
We were picked up by some friends and relatives and brought to the house of a close friend of our Dad in Jakarta, where we were introduced to a small part of our big family in Indonesia.
After a 1 hours trip we finally arrived at the place we were going to stay the next 7 nights. The small Ciawi next to Bogor. From here we went shopping or sightseeing every day, most times to Jakarta. What we did there can be seen by clicking on Bogor or Jakarta in the interactive map.
Monday, 9th of August 2004: Our first domestic (national) flight to Semarang, from where we were taken to the small Salatiga, the home of our indonesian grandfather. From here we drove to Yogyakarta a few times.
Saturday, 14th August 2004: Bali, we're coming! -> Bali map!
Monday, 23th of August 2004: Our last week we spent in a nice house in the small village Cibogo and didn't drive around much.
Monday, 30th of August 2004: We were leaving Indonesia in the late evening hours at about 10 pm. We had a good time, THANKS TO ALL WHO GAVE US A HOME AND FOOD OR JUST HAVE BEEN NICE TO US!!! We'd love to return!